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Let's gather at home for a new dinner experience

You deserve a break. Each Family Meal feeds four (4) well.

All for $70 (plus tax)  Delivered to your home.

What a meal!

The meal was amazing!!! Thank you! My neighbors came over too and enjoyed it with me. Loved it. Yum!

Can't Wait To See What Is Next.

The salmon was great—perfectly cooked. Can't wait to devour the lasagna tomorrow.

I'll Have The Fish!

The food was fantastic—went for the fish tonight. Will be ordering more soon.


*Orders must be emailed to us no later than Monday by noon.


We deliver by Wednesday afternoon, of the same week, and place your order on your front door step. Our team will follow up with a text letting you know your order has been delivered.


Thank you, we are excited to share these delicious meals with you!  Remember, minimum order is 4 meals for $70 plus tax.