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A New Partnership

If you’ve ever had any question about our mission or vision, then we hope the following information helps. We’ve recently partnered with Emory University to present our model to a class called, “Catalyzing Social Impact”. They are planning to help us with some ideas as we grow. We provided all of the basics (which you can see below), and pulled together a PowerPoint presentation for our first meeting with them. Check it out here and share it with everyone! Help us spread the word about giving the homeless a second chance.

Gathering Industries is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) non-profit Food Service organization providing a regeneration opportunity where hope and dignity are re-born in a faith and values based environment and self-sufficiency is realized.

MISSION | Gathering Industries strives to end homelessness in Atlanta by helping the homeless help themselves. Through training and management skills programs, The Gathering educates homeless individuals in the  culinary field to make them employable. Our hope is that by providing income, valuable work experience and structured restaurant/food service training, The Gathering will propel the individual toward independence and self-sufficiency.

OPERATIONS – STAGE I | Our service offers gourmet boxed lunches on weekdays to businesses around the Atlanta area. Today, we focus on breakfasts, lunches, and special events for more than 40 organizations of all shapes and sizes. We market to areas of Atlanta where other restaurant and catering operations exist, as well as to businesses who are looking for an alternative catered lunch solution that comes with a higher calling. Gathering Industries partner with other Atlanta-based non-profits, including Atlanta Mission and Heartbound Ministries, to identify and staff team members. As of 2018, we employ ten full and part-time team members.

VISION – STAGE II + BEYOND | In the coming months, The Gathering aims to grow operations in the Atlanta area in order to employ more people in need. While many businesses in Atlanta have supported The Gathering, the organization must increase the client list and retain those first-time customers. Individual and corporate donations have also played a huge role in making The Gathering successful; any increase to donation funds will also support operational growth. Additional revenue will provide resources needed to hire more team members, operate a more sophisticated food service model, and employ manager-level people to help mentor and train team members.

As noted above, scale is the greatest roadblock we face today. Our hope is by partnering with Emory students, we can create solutions that address:

New customers acquisition | Given our limited time and minimal marketing budget, how can The Gathering better market ourselves to prospective clients? How can we get our foot in the door with businesses large and small? How can we modify our pitch to sell the first order?

Stickiness | Once we get our foot in the door, how do we retain customers and solidify recurring orders? Are there clients who cater on a contract-basis? If so, how do we become their boxed lunch provider of choice?

Donations | Considering 60% of our revenue comes from donations, how do we continue to incentivize charitable contributions and scale donations from individuals and organizations alike?