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See Our Transformation Stories

At Gathering Industries, we work together to transform stories of homelessness into stories of hope.
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Working Together Makes Food Taste Better: Robert's Story

When Robert first came to live at the Atlanta Mission, he was adrift.

“I’d seen Chef Alex a couple of times at the Atlanta Mission, but at first I wasn’t attracted to what he was selling,” Robert said.

But after the Mission helped him rededicate his life to Jesus Christ, things were different. “My heart had changed,” Robert said. “The next time I met Chef Alex, I was completely willing to learn. I needed help. My experience with Gathering Industries has allowed me to put more tools in my toolbox - like humility, acceptance and the ability to take my pride getting smacked around from time to time. There were times when I believed that I was giving 100% and Chef kept digging and digging."

"Through GI, I learned how to be a team player, to be reliable, to work hard. Working together makes the food taste better!”

Homeless to Home: Ryan's Story


In Charlotte, North Carolina, Ryan lost everything. He had no car, no job, and no home. So, with only $31 to his name, he took a bus down to Atlanta with nothing but his suitcase and the hope that this risk would take him from homeless to home.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, Ryan stumbled upon Atlanta Mission and began rebuilding his life. Not long afterward, he found Gathering Industries.

“Gathering Industries is like a family,” he said. And as a member of the family, Ryan wants to help in any way he can to make the work of his family easier.

After a year of being a valued member of Gathering Industries, Ryan is now able to pay rent in an apartment in Downtown Atlanta. He’s also working other jobs outside the kitchen, volunteering at his local church, and helping out anywhere else he can. On top of his busy schedule, he’s saving money so that he can soon transition to total self-sufficiency. We'd have Ryan as a neighbor any day!