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Learn About Our Program


We work with the Atlanta Mission to equip homeless individuals with the tools and skills they need to find self-sufficiency with a stable culinary job.

In association with local faith-based homeless shelters, Gathering Industries trains and employs individuals who have successfully completed transitional programs for drug and alcohol dependencies, as well as prison-release programs.

While the people involved in our program receive their culinary training and education, Gathering Industries monitors their skills and helps them reach various levels of achievement. Those that complete all the following levels are ready to seek employment and begin a career in the culinary field.

What Our Trainees Say

"My experience with Gathering Industries has allowed me to put more tools in my toolbox - like humility, acceptance and the ability to take my pride getting smacked around from time to time. There were times when I believed that I was giving 100% and Chef kept digging and digging." Click to read more Transformation Stories

The Gathering Industries Levels of Achievement

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Integrity Program - respect, reliability, restraint and responsibility. Rules for success.


Yellow Scarf

Culinary Fundamentals -  knife skills, food safety and handling, culinary math, product identification, palate development, ingredient understanding and pairing.


Green Scarf

Introduction to Proteins – beef/veal identification and fabrication, pork, poultry, fish, and shellfish.


Blue Scarf

Cooking Methods – dry heat, sautéing, grilling/broiling, frying, moist heat, braising, stewing, shallow poaching, steaming, deep poaching.


Red Scarf

Mastering breakfast, lunch and dinner item preparation through efficiencies and speed with routine results.


Black Scarf

Desserts, Pastries, Pastas and Contemporary Desserts – chocolate tempering, confections, petit fours, cakes, sorbets, labor scheduling


Black & White Checkered Scarf

Management tool kit – shown to be competent in all areas of the operation including front of house. This level includes the business of the day-to-day ordering, receiving and inventory. Troubleshooting food cost and labor cost issues. Simple accounting and profit & loss statements are now understandable tools.

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