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August Training Camp

The Gathering works hard to conduct a monthly training camp that allows homeless individuals the opportunity to learn more about cooking. Those that are involved in this training have already completed transitional programs and are ready to seek employment and become self sufficient beings. On August 24th-26th, The Gathering conducted this camp at the Peachtree Baptist Church kitchen and had three individuals from Atlanta Mission involved. These individuals learned how to prep and clean a kitchen, work with knives, and make delicious, fresh sandwiches and salads. Each person pulled their own weight and helped to make a great meal for the Wednesday night Bible Study at the church. The smiles on the faces of those who enjoyed the food, as well as on those of the men from Atlanta Mission, proved the success of this camp and the progress these men are making toward employment and a hopeful future. With your help and support, The Gathering plans to continue these monthly camps and work with these individuals to inspire and encourage them.