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Boxed Lunch Program

We are proud to announce our new Boxed Lunch Program which provides an innovative, fresh approach to any lunch meeting and business event. We offer platters and boxed lunches (made with the freshest ingredients and handmade to order) straight to your door for groups large or small! The Gathering’s Boxed Lunch turns the ordinary lunch into something extraordinary, and when your occasion calls for going the extra mile, we go the distance.

By using the Gathering’s Boxed Lunch Program, you are not only turning heads with our top quality meals, but are also turning heads to a great cause involving the homeless communities within our home of Atlanta: creating a second chance for those who seek it.

We need your help to get this program operating, please consider financial support to our non-profit, as it is a Tax deduction!

Also, if you would like to use our new Boxed Lunch Program for one of your upcoming events, please feel free to email us at [email protected] for more information regarding menu, pricing, etc.

Thank you,

Alex Reethof