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Can I Try Again Please

Dear Friend,

Have you ever done anything in your life that prompted you to say “Can I try again please?” I know I have. I have asked for a second chance many times.

That’s what we do at Gathering Industries. This question “Can I try again please?” is asked by every person who shows up at our door. I am writing to you to ask for your financial support for Gathering Industries, the home of the second chance.

Our mission is, through training, to help those individuals that seek a second chance. Just out of prison, or coming off the streets, in recovery, or whatever pathway they are trying to change, these people come to us and want to make a new way in life. Our mission is to provide kitchen training through our box/catered lunch program so they can eventually seek jobs to obtain self-sufficiency.

Our model is unique in that the people who are in the training program provide catered lunch boxes to corporations that provide some revenue to Gathering Industries. As with many nonprofits, we recover some of our fees but not all with this revenue. We depend on the generosity and heartfelt desire to help, of our donors.

Your donation will go towards materials and instruction for training to fuel our mission. These people are hardworking and dedicated to changing their lives.They want a hand up, not a hand out! They are from all walks of life but they have this one thing in common. They have asked for help in changing their lives.

It takes $7,000 to fund one person’s training program and we are seeking donors to support 10 People’s training programs. Will you please consider a generous donation to help us provide skills training that will bring hope and dignity into these individual’s lives? We all need a second chance at some point in our lives. Will you join us?

I have included a brief story about one gentleman’s pathway to dignity and wholeness.  The next story is waiting to be written. Please help us write it.

Donations accepted via mail at 630 Gunby Rd, Marietta, GA  30067 and through our website

With deep appreciation,

Alex Reethof
Executive Director
Gathering Industries


Meet Ryan:


Ryan came to us from the Atlanta Mission in February 2017. He needed a second chance in Atlanta. Since joining us he is living in his own room, paying rent and is saving money. Through catching him doing things right and the power of affirmation he has blossomed in “filling his toolbox” of new skills. His positive spirit and energy has been rubbed off on everyone he encounters. His punctuality is also something to be recognized and commended. He is always willing to lend a hand in what needs to be done. Learning skills in the kitchen has helped him land a job at a new store opening of Publix as he continues working with the Gathering Industries. There are many more “Ryan’s out there that we can help.