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Chef Alex Reetof: Culinary Training as a Beacon of Hope

Our Journey Together

At Gathering Industries, we transform culinary training into life-changing opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness. Thanks to your unwavering support, numerous stories of hope and success have unfolded right before our eyes.

The Power of Your Voice

Your voice is a powerful tool in our quest to extend our reach and impact. Sharing our journey with friends, family, and your community opens new doors for those in dire need. A simple conversation or a social media share can dramatically expand the possibilities for our participants.

Engage and Amplify

Your active engagement on social media amplifies our message. Follow us, share our updates, and let the world know about our transformative work together. Your engagement helps our message travel further, reaching more people who can join our cause or benefit from our programs.

Share Your Story

If you’ve ever volunteered or donated to Gathering Industries, your personal story could inspire others to join our cause. Sharing your experience can motivate more community members to participate or contribute, amplifying the positive change cycle.

Elevate Your Events with Our Gourmet Boxed Lunches

Enhance your next team event or gathering with our gourmet boxed lunches. Not only will you impress your guests, but every order will directly support our training programs, turning your event into a catalyst for change. It’s a delicious way to contribute to our cause and see immediate benefits.

For more information about our programs and how you can get further involved, reach out to me directly.

Together, we can continue to break cycles of homelessness and change lives through the universal language of food.

Chef Alex Reetfof

Chef Alex Reethof