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New Recipes for Java Cats Cafe

Java Cats Cafe is opening in Atlanta. Their mission is, “To bring the citizens of Atlanta joy through the love of an adoptable cat, coffee and food provided by homeless locals in the process of getting back on their feet.”

We are proud that founder, Hadyn Hilton, plans to utilize Gathering Industries to provide food for the new cafe.

We’ve been busy developing new recipes for the startup! We plan to provide gluten-free and vegan options at the cafe, and have already started working on a chewy granola bar that may be on the menu. We also plan to offer lunch boxes with crackers, cheese, and chicken salad. We haven’t finalized any recipes yet, but we plan to have a tasting party soon to choose the final contenders.

This cafe is highly anticipated, as it’s the first cat cafe in Atlanta and the second one in the south. We hope you plan to visit. Check out the website and learn more.