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Society that Offers a Second Chance

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A business friend recently asked me why we aren’t a profitable operation. Surprised, I responded that we are working with people who are seeking a second chance. Even though most businesses wouldn’t hire them, we will, to train them and help them become more employable. If the goal was to be profitable then we wouldn’t be able to hire them. It takes extra time and money to work with these individuals and nobody else is doing this work that provides them with opportunity and training. Our mission takes patience and funding. It’s challenging work, and our first priority to give people a second chance.

So, today we’d like to ask you become a part of our society that offers a second chance and become a monthly donor.

We haven’t share this with you before but we only have two individuals who give to Gathering year-round.

We’ve recently started training several new folks in the kitchen and we have the opportunity to work with them and expand their knowledge and skills but we need monthly support.

We’ve broken down our need and have 2 specific goals we’d like to meet this Spring:

  • We need 25 monthly donors who can offer a recurring gift of $40
  • We need 12 monthly donors who can offer a recurring gift of $250

Your gift will allow us to bring new individuals into our kitchen and offer them a second chance, and to help provide more training and opportunity for the men we’ve already hired. We don’t want to loose these individuals because we can’t offer them the training that they need.

Sign up today to be a monthly supporter