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We Have Arrived!

We are officially moved into our new home!

We feel so blessed to be able to work in this new kitchen and have a more permanent location that is conducive to working with the men from Atlanta Mission. We are excited to share that we are in an inspected kitchen. This is an extra step that opens up more opportunities for us. We will let you know about those when we have more info! There is a lot happening in our new neighborhood, “The Old South Atlanta”. We are across the street from an old General Motors plant that is building everything for the Georgia Dome, and we have a great view of some street art!

Click here to check us out on Google Maps to see more images and look around our neighborhood! 

2017 is off to an exciting start for Gathering Industries. We’d like to acknowledge that grants and donations have made it possible for us to start strong this year.

If you are involved with a company or foundation with the potential to help change lives, then please email Leslie Brogdon.